Monday, July 14, 2014

Finally getting around to posting this from last weekend...

July 5th, 2014 

As I type this, I’m hanging out in Logan Canyon on a sunny evening, sitting in a camp chair in the shade of our pop-up, with wildflowers and pretty weeds tickling the backs of my knees. The words appear on the screen between sips of beer. Lola is sprawled out in the wild grass to my right, Charlie sitting next to me with sunglasses on his head while he peers at the pages of his book through reading glasses. Today I sent Trench Warfare. It’s a big deal, and at the same time it means absolutely nothing. I’m not talking about the significance of rock climbing in the whole scheme of the universe, or even about the nothingness of climbing 5.13 in a 5.15 world. I’m just talking about my own experience, because when it  comes down to it, that’s all I have. 

Charlie likes to quote Abraham Maslow, “It’s a random universe to which we bring meaning.” It’s one of the 927 (or is it 928?) ultimate truths. It’s one a lot of us humans have a really hard time with, especially those who subscribe to a belief system that tells them otherwise. It can be tough to stomach the idea that things are just what or as they are, and that the only higher purpose for our little existence is the one we assign it. The thought that the pieces form a whole, but that whole isn’t a picture of something we identify with or relate to can be alarming. It puts the ownness on the individual and calls each of us to be accountable for the quality of our own lives. We get to decide who we are, and why. In all of this randomness, the being and becoming, the art of living the life I’ve been dealt…that’s the meaning I bring. 

So yes, Trench Warfare is a big deal for me. But really it means nothing. 

Charlie also likes to celebrate a send with Nietzsche, “The melancholy of all things finalized…” Melancholy? Maybe for a moment, but done is done, and before you can say “doppelganger” the whole process begins all over again. It's an upward spiral.

“You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good.”
~Men in Black (and Chuck Odette)